Instagram Accounts to follow: Natural Hair Edition

I have put together a guide for naturalista’s looking for natural hair inspiration on Instagram. These accounts will help you with hair maintenance, product reviews, updates on events, DIY hairstyles for all hair types and GIVEAWAYS of course.

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Get some fresh merchandise from @Krulkop_society with some funky designs and affirmation gifts you can spoil your family with.


Wanting new hairstyles to try out ? Follow @paucahantashair_1 and gain some hair inspiration for your next special occasion.


This is one bundle of joy you gots to follow. Check out her stories daily as she shares whats on her mind. Her feed is filled with different shapes and textures of South African natural hair. A photographer the world needs to watch out for 😉


Check out @bushbaby.amy as she is always sharing all the giveaways available on Instagram via her stories. Don’t say I didn’t share this valuable info. What you waiting for go and follow her asap.


@uniquely_clothed is a queen that is killing the fashion game on insta she goes the extra mile to style every image so if you like fashion styling and red curls follow this Queen.


Make sure you follow me on Instagram as I have a Birthday Giveaway coming up next month to celebrate my birthday. #Aprilbaby
IG: @tayanelee


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2018 – Thankful

If I had to describe 2018 in one word it would be “Thankful”. Let me share this one example.

20181231_100123_0001.pngIn February after so many years physically and mentally preparing for dental surgery it finally happened. I was able to go for Orthognatic Surgery aka double jaw surgery. The build up was scary and I got really nervous the night I first got admitted. With no cellphone or communication from my family God spoke to me.

He even spoke to my grandmother to request prayer for me on radio and a little girl across from me was laying in bed with her grandmother by her side. God used her grandmother and my grandmother to tell me He is in control and I don’t have to worry.

Picture this, I am laying in bed in this ward with 3 ladies recovering from surgery and 1 little girl and her mother. Night comes an the mother leaves while the grandmother takes her place. I have not spoken to anyone at this time except the nurses.

I’m laying watching time go by slowly. I start getting nervous and a bit emotional. I start reading my Bible and started to cry. Overwhelmed and all I start to pray that God gives me peace and strength to overcome this procedure.

Keep in mind I gave my phone to my mother so all I have on me is my bible, notebook and pen. I felt a bit unconnected but then I started reading and praying. At my weakest moment I see this grandmother trying to get my attention. I look up and she says she think my grandmother just sent in a prayer request for me. My grandmother explained on radio I got admitted the afternoon and she mentioned the hospital and my name and this lady checked my name at my bed. It immediately clicked to her that’s why she had to tell me.

I was so amazed I bursted out with tears. I went over and heard the prayer on radio and started crying even more. I wiped my tears and this lady gave me a hug. At that moment I knew God never left me. That’s when the verse “I will never leave you nor forsake you” became so real to me.

I got back to bed and was able to fall asleep with ease. No tossing no turning and just like that fear left and God replaced it with peace and strength. I woke up the next day ready for the surgery and guess what it got postponed.

I realized that night had to happen so that I could have the peace and strength to overcome what lied ahead. That’s why I am thankful. God will always show himself and answer prayers. 3 months later I went for the surgery without fear cause I knew my God was with me.

All I can say is 2018 I really was thankful.

Highlights for 2018:

– Your girl got married to her best friend, favourite person after courting for 8 years

Williams wedding-120 (Medium).jpg
Ference Isaacs Photography
Williams wedding-353 (Small).jpg
Ference Isaacs Photography

– 1 month into marriage and I got that call. I got the job I’ve been waiting for 3 years.

The way I was praising after that call 😁

I really hope my story can encourage you and place thankfulness in your heart.

Thank you for reading.

Yours sincerely,


REVIEW: Bella Boneca

Hi everyone I am back with another review.


I got sent these two products from BellaBoneca back in July and I decided to test out this combo for the month of August. Now going into this review I must admit I was very sceptical. This is due to my legs having drier skin than the rest of my body. My legs need a lot of love.

As you can see in the picture above I will be reviewing the BellaBoneca Natural Body Wash and Body butter balance.

I’m just going to jump straight into it and do a bit of a diary of using these two products.

Day 1:
Not as soapy as other body wash but then again it has way more natural ingredients and less of the harmful stuff. The smell isn’t what I am usually used to which is weird for me I’m so accustomed to the fragranced body wash and this might not be a bad thing hey. I’m not sure if the body butter is for my skin type as I’ve discovered some flaky spots on my legs. It’s still too early to say if it’s a hit or a miss.

Day 2:
I’m getting use to the less soap from the body wash and it’s giving a clean, fresh feeling after a hot shower. I think I put on too little body butter yesterday cause I haven’t experienced any dry flaky areas on my body. My skin is feeling different for sure. After 10 hours my skin doesn’t feel dehydrated like when i use other butters. I actually am loving this feeling. Let’s see how the rest of the month goes.


Week 1:
My skin has adjusted. My skin feels different good different that is. As if it’s more hydrated throughout the day and very moisturized. I was quite shocked after the first week results. I was very sceptical after the first use but I haven’t experienced dry skin since using the BellaBoneca combo. I will keep checking weekly cause if this eliminates the flakiness then I’m winning all the way through summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thoughts so far of overall product. Loving it! Its keeping my skin happy. The smell of the products aren’t what I usually use but I’m getting used to it and starting to like it as it gives a more refreshing scent.

I am enjoying these products that BellaBoneca have especially cause my skin is living its best life. I was going to record every week but decided not to cause I have a sense of what the body wash and butter can do.

Would I recommend this to others? Definitely

Whats the price looking like? It’s not ideal to the “Budget Queen” but the “Investor” would find it worth it.

Packaging? Its quite practical. I leave it in the shower not afraid of it falling cause of the container.

Overall rating out of 10: I give it a 8  


Thanks for reading this review.

If these products interest you check out the website below:


Finding my purpose

I never knew working with kids was what I wanted when I matriculated in 2009.

traveling-around-the-world-featured1-800x400.jpgI was ready to be a flight attendant to travel the world and get paid to do so. However, I went to study Journalism even though I did not enjoy writing but as it was required daily to do so I started enjoying it at college.

I won’t lie attending events and getting free thangs was quite enjoyable especially when you are a student with no budget. I got a bursary to study at a private college and they paid the 10k deposit only to find out that was all they were willing to pay and it wasn’t really a bursary but a no interest loan. My parents tried paying the remainder of my studies which was 30k which was a struggle. They hosted fundraisers and everything barely making. It came to the end of the year and my parents couldn’t afford my studies no longer for the next year. I was devastated. More because of the bursary that turned to be a loan and that my study cost was draining my parents. so  I had to drop out. I never understood at that time why this was happening but God knew.

During my studies however I started learning dance from professional street dancers. So when I left college the next year I kept learning from them. Attending workshops and entering dance competitions. I started to enjoy it and I even got a few dance jobs. Paid jobs that is which got me smiling from ear to ear.

After 3 years I realized why Journalism didn’t work out. Yes it took me 3 years to figure this out. God had other plans for me.I started dancing more and becoming serious about it.

After 5 years I got a “big break” and got chosen to be a dancer at a Theatre production in South Korea. They paid for my flights, visa, accommodation, food and a salary.

Image Supplied by: Tayane Arends

See how funny God is… I wanted to be a flight attendant just to travel here He allowed me to do so and enjoy the “work”. I was performing twice daily with 2 Sundays off per month. Throughout the day I would sleep, train, do some shopping, attend dance classes and chill on uncapped wifi. It was fun for real.

Follow link: Opening routine at Show King Theatre 2015

Follow link: Korean Traditional Fans Routine 2015

I came back home and boom. My career went a bit slow. Being away kinda delayed things. I started volunteering again at the centres close to me and then got the vision to create my NPO.

DWP Logo 3
Logo Design: Lindsay Manuel

Dance With Purpose was started in 2016 while doing weekly dance classes. I got it registered in 2017 and started my program at the centre in my area. I really wanted to give back to my community.

Dance is something I always wanted to do but growing up my parents couldn’t afford those expensive dance schools or the  workshops that cost R150+ I always had the love but no training.

This is why I do what I do in my community. I want to give others the opportunity I couldn’t have growing up. I have been teaching weekly classes for 1 year at Ottery Bruce Road Sport and Recreation Centre and I love it.

Image Supplied by: Tayane Arends

Its my highlight of the week. I get to spend 4 hours with my kids. Yes my kids. Seeing their growth over this year has been amazing to watch as a coach.

DSC_0417 (Small)
Image Supplied by: Dance With Purpose

I swear we are always laughing in class cause I am funny and so are they.

It’s 2018 and even though I’m not a Flight Attendant or Journalist I’m doing things that incorporates those careers. I’m blogging so that’s as far as journalism goes and I’m travelling with dance. I also get to impact my community with the skills I have acquired over the years.

I love where I am right now and quite excited as to where God is about to take me.

Image Supplied by: Dance With Purpose

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope” Jeremiah 29v11

This promise is real to me 🙏 I trust that this blog post touches you to pursue your dreams and also not dwell on the disappointments cause those disappointments can lead to your dreams. Trust that God has a great plan for your life and watch how peace and joy enters your life.

Thank you so much for reading this.

Tayane Lee



Natural Hair Journey with Ashlynn Erasmus

Meet Ashlynn Erasmus


Photo Supplied by: Ashlynn Erasmus

Throughout her childhood her mother would do her hair. The process started by relaxing her hair, then blow dry it and into plaits for school.

At the end of grade 7, 12 year old Ashlynn took it upon herself to start caring for her own hair with shoulder length being the longest her hair would grow.

Photo Supplied by: Ashlynn Erasmus

After she just started maintaining her own hair it started breaking off as she applied any products she thought was good at the time.

With now really short hair in high school Ashlynn decided to start braiding her hair. Her hair started growing and every few months the creamy crack came out to make an appearance to tame the regrowth.


Photo Supplied by: Ashlynn Erasmus

She went into a continuous cycle of relaxing, braiding and breakage throughout high school and couldn’t retain length.

“When you have straight kroes hair people make fun of you. I suffered a whole lot of bullying throughout high school because I didn’t know how to maintain my hair. I felt discouraged.” says Ashlynn

Finally in her matric year she cut her hair short into a pixie cut looking super cute with now blonde dyed hair. Then two months later she relaxed her hair and BOOM her hair fell out.


Ashlynn then decided to leave her hair as is with no relaxer just so it could grow back. 8 months later after using Sheen Strate hair straightener she noticed how her hair started to curl but then her mom advised her to relax her AGAIN.  Then after relaxing all her curls vanished and she was back to the continuous cycle of relaxing, braiding and breakage.

In 2014 Ashlynn stopped using relaxers and realized she has curly hair and decided to braid on and off so that her hair could grow out curly. In November 2014 she went for a BIG CHOP which left her hair super short. She then wet her hair days later and discovered she had a AFRO. She found this cool as she didn’t know her hair could do that. However, it took her a while to embrace this new look especially as she was struggling to maintain her afro now.

Photo Supplied by: Brutal Fruit Sisters of Dance



She decided to start braiding again for 2 months then breathe for a month and let the fro loose. Starting the natural hair journey Ashlynn never knew which products to use or how to maintain it but eventually figured out what was good for her hair.


Photo Supplied by: Botswele


After dying it Amber/Blonde she still struggles a bit with breakage because of the dye but now her hair is growing much better and reaching her shoulder blade which is the longest her hair has ever been.




“When that Big Chop happened I learnt so much about myself. We are taught that your hair is your crown and if your hair don’t feel right then you don’t feel right” – Ashlynn Erasmus

Photo Credit: Ference Isaacs Photography

Hair goal: I am about 5/6 cm away from my hair goal length.

Photo Credit: KayJay Photography


Thanks for reading this story about Ashlynn’s hair journey. I hope it inspires you to continue your journey or even to start your journey.

Much Love

Tayane Lee


Product Stash

I was very intrigued… Thinking I wonder what some of the Cape Town naturalistas use for their hair.  I decided to ask some ladies to take pictures of their product stash.

Some explained to me that some of the products they received at events or giveaways on social media or wait for Clicks to have the famous 3 for 2 special. We all know natural hair products prices have increased in the past few years and so has the variety.

We now see stores like Foschini stocking a few brands catering for natural hair. Things are changing around for sure.

Please note: This is just to see what products people are using and the pictures depicted are truth and not fabricated for social media.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My question is do you prefer spending more money on a ready-made product or prefer DIY recipes to maintain your hair and help save some money.?

Please comment below I would love to know your thoughts. Or even share your product stash by uploading an image to Instagram and tag me 🙂

Excited to see and hear your views. Thanks for reading

Much Love

Tayane Lee


To the Female Entrepreneurs #MondayMotivation

Being a female entrepreneur can be quite scary and very exciting at the same time. I remember one day I would be super amped for growth in my business and then the next day I would lack motivation.

I realized something needed to be done I was in serious need of change as my business was suffering.

I decided to change my mindset and focus on the positivity. Whenever I would feel that negativity come I would play one of my favourite songs and let loose and dance it out. This helped so much as I started dancing I began getting new ideas to try and improve my sales.

Changing your mindset can save your business. Adding passion and drive will take it to new heights. So yes the bad days will come but it’s up to you to change it immediately and take control.

You got this ! 💪

Be Expectant

During the unexpected be expectant. What do I mean?

IMG_7059 (Small)

Well, when you going through life and not knowing every plan expect great things to happen and it will. Don’t seek solely on success financially. Once you do what you love and with so much passion the money will come just be patient.

Follow your dreams… many get frustrated in their 9-5 job because they don’t do their passion after those hours. I have seen so many manage both very well you just need to have passion. Work hard, focus and get the things done. You are a Queen so claim your kingdom.

Lets help each other by fixing each other’s crowns, complementing just because we can and not because you need something.

IMG_7068 (Small).jpg

Stop comparing our timeline with others. It’s okay not to be somewhere at a certain age. Once you focus on yourself you will soar.

IMG_6987 (Small).jpg


Take flight and start today with the small tasks you have been putting off. Start on that dream if you haven’t yet. There is always time no matter what age.

So get this week started with a bang. You got this cause God got you.

Have a productive and amazing week ahead ❤️

Thank you reading 🙏



Review:Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment Mask

Review by: Masters Beauty Blog


Dove pure care dry oil treatment mask is part of the advanced hair series range to combat dull and dry hair with precious oil to deeply nourish hair for a silker feel and healthy shine.

Grab a generous scoop of the treatment mask to apply to your towel dried, freshly washed hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes for Dove pure care dry oil to do its magic.

The results are amazing, hair is more manageable to blow-dry and feels silky soft with an amazing healthy shine. No need to flat iron unless you really want too.

I would definitely purchase the Dove pure care dry oil treatment mask and recommend this product for Beauties battling with dry and dull hair.



Follow Masters Beauty Blog on Social Media:

Instagram @mastersbeautyblog


I am doing the #TrialDoveWithFriends #DoveOneWashChallenge and I am super excited to be doing this with so many of my friends, family and my followers. Everyone got excited when I gave them the products and couldn’t wait to get started.

Let me show you what I received from Beauty Bulletin.



Some of my family and friends that’s joining me on this challenge:




OH MY WORD!!! While I was opening this box the smell of these Dove products almost got me hypnotized with its fresh aroma. Wow! It got me real hyped. The Packaging is practical so I can take them into the shower or travel with it without worry should I need to.


The products I decided to trial are the following:

– Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo

– Dove Nourishing Oil Daily Treatment Conditioner

– Dove Nourishing Oil Care Treatment Mask

– Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask



You probably are thinking why I selected mainly treatments. Well, with curly hair I like to do treatments twice a month as my hair can get very frizzy especially in winter.


I am really excited to try these products if I had to use a scale it would probably 90% the -10% would be because the weather ain’t so great to air dry my hair.
I am expecting the oils to really nourish my hair and leave my hair with silky curls and zero frizz this winter.


Continue to follow my journey as I trial these products in June/July.


Join in on the #DoveOneWashChallenge #TrialDoveWithFriends

Monday Motivation

Blue Monday must fall!!!

I would like to encourage you today that even though things seem to be going wrong or feel tough know that God got you. It’s only by His grace that you are alive so He isn’t done with you. He has great plans just seek Him.

Why is it that we wait till someone close to us or even younger than we are has to die in order for us to appreciate our lives? Lets start living knowing how fortunate we are to be alive and just do the things that need to be done man.

Cause even though it hurts when I smile or sing I will still praise HIM.


I am just thankful to be alive. 1 month post operation and I am feeling good.

new edit

Thank you for reading

Being Brave

Everyone has been saying how brave I am.

To be honest, I was so scared when I got my first date then that got postponed. The second time I went to hospital then it got postponed again. Cause there was no ICU bed available.  Then 2 weeks ago I went again and was at a point where I just didn’t care then it actually happened.
The doctor called me in to the surgery room the Thursday morning and I asked why and was told my surgery will be happening. I literally cried and said out loud these are tears of joy.  I was so thankful that the third time I went they were able to do it. I was talking a lot then the next thing I knew I heard music and a few hours later I opened my eyes and felt the tube in my nose and blood in my mouth.

That was so uncomfortable I was struggling to sleep as I only got in 20-30 minutes of sleep. I know this as I kept asking the nurse the time. Eventually it was 6am Friday morning and I got a bath and was told the doctor would see me.

IMG_20180202_115746.jpgHe removed tube and I was able to breathe on my own.
He then released me from ICU and into general ward where to my surprise my own room was waiting for me.

Now keep in mind there’s many blessings in this story. Firstly, God protected me through the 6 hour surgery and I was able to open  my eyes and breathe on my own.I was told by doctors that having double jaw surgery I would need 2 days in ICU but God saw 1 night fit. Then being in general ward in my own space was good.Then the Saturday doctor discharged me from hospital.
Are you mad? 😁
I was so excited and thankful that they saw me fit to be discharged.Now during this I still didn’t see myself being brave. But all I remember was how I was praying and knew God would give me the strength. I had faith in God that he would do what needs to be done and would not leave me nor forsake me. I’m still recovering and will be for the next few months but the worse is over.  I still having swelling by my nose, upper lip and numbness by my chin area. I am starting to be able to smile which really makes me excited as feeling in that area is coming back.The complete healing process will take some time and I’m patient.

I hope this can encourage you whether you considering to go for any operation or dealing with any emotional or physical pain.God got you.

You are brave because of Him. ❤

Thank you for reading

Easy does it 2018

Easy does it 2018

It’s that time of the year where everyone makes
new years resolutions that they can’t keep.

Instead of creating these silly expectations you know you
wont keep try a new game plan.

If loosing weight has been your goal for the last 5 years
then try some of these tips:

– Take a fun fitness class at gym once a month
(hopefully you enjoy it so much you won’t wait till
a month passes and start going weekly)

– Drink water instead of reaching for fizzy drinks
or juice (get a cute water bottle with a motivating quote)

– Fast foods 24/7 ain’t good so stop going to those restaurants
religiously. Buy the ingredients and prepare your food.


 Now… For the infamous job…

Yes, this is probably you right now.  Unhappy at work
only there for the salary. Uninspired and just not in the
mood to give it your all.

Well try some of these tips:

– If you got a desk try and give it a new look add
some motivational quotes or a treats jar to
add some energy to the day.


– Follow your dreams part time.

Yes I know you need your salary to pay bills but when
you not at your workplace then work on your passion.
If it’s to work with youth then volunteer at an NGO
close to home or study part time or start your business
that you have been wanting to since last year.

Just do it. No excuses.

-Change your mindset.
It’s that simple.
Positive mindset positive outcome.

I hope these tips can enact positive change in your life
even if its just to remind you.

Thank you for reading

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Reading Challenge

If you are looking for a good book for motivation check out the book below.

I got it at the library at no cost. I started going to the library as I wanted to start reading more. The challenge is to read 1 book in 1 month and I’m really starting to enjoy it. I finished my first book for this challenge about a week ago and I’m on to the next one which really has been showing me so much and looking at bible study in a different light.

This book is really helping me focus on what is important and if you feel like you struggling with life and a career that’s a bit overwhelming do yourself a favour and read this book. I’m not done yet but just wanted to share it with you as the first 7 chapters have been amazing and sure the rest will be blessed beyond measure.


Thanks for checking out this post.